The Church has the opportunity to reconsider its role on the burden of care women carry by caring for women and men equally and promoting partnership.

“In addition to studying the usual passages on women’s roles, we must spend at least as much time reading the stories of what women in Scripture actually did.”

Scot McKnight, Source: Junia Is Not Alone

“My favorite thing about WOW! is the fact that it focuses on women in the bible who were leaders. It challenges the ideas of this society that have misused the bible to oppress.

Kymare Hutchinson, Seminar participant

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$200 goes toward teacher honorariums that value and affirm their time and gift of teaching. These invitations further and expand their learning and understanding of Biblical equality

What does God say about women?

The pandemic has not only highlighted the conflicting messages women receive about their value and abilities, but magnified the burden women carry to care for others. The Church has the opportunity to reconsider its role on the burden of care women carry by caring for women and men equally and promoting partnership.

We believe Scripture is clear that men and women are equally empowered to speak authoritatively and called to lead alongside one another. Through the monthly seminar series, WOW! creates space to receive care and safely examine messages and beliefs we have internalized, in hopes of affirming their God-given value leading them to discover a pathway towards flourishing where they feel called.

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WOW! Teachers

What do you enjoy about teaching with WOW!?  How has WOW! impacted or shaped your own faith journey?

Drea Hairston


The community is itself encouraging to be a part of and I have always felt very encouraged through the entire process by the WOW! staff. I have been emboldened in my own leadership as well as better equipped as I learn from and share with this community.

jasmine flores


I love the opportunity to teach what I love, and to see the light in attendees eyes when they realize something they never noticed before. WOW! has been an encouragement in times of struggle.

christy chia


WOW! gives the opportunity to share what I’ve discovered with others to reclaim the lives of women in the Bible and provides a space to explore and be supported.

annette cutino


Thank you so much for the invitation to first learn about Huldah and her incredible example and then to share tonight. I’m honored to be asked! I’m amazed at how WOW! is impacting the lives of women and men in this hour. Words can’t express my appreciation for WOW! as a whole and each of you individually. Keep leading!

ajung sojwal


I feel encouraged and affirmed in my faith journey and as a woman ministry leader. It has given me great opportunities to meet people from very diverse backgrounds, which broadens my perspective.

nancy gavilanes


I so appreciate how WOW! celebrates and prays with you during mountaintop experiences and through the valleys.  It’s always a blessing to know they are helping to pray me through the highs and lows that come with walking by faith. Speaking at the recent WOW! seminar was an honor. It’s also been a blessing to attend some of the past seminars in person.

rachelle verdier


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach! I enjoyed the planning and presenting process. It was a tremendous blessing.

erika dayle siu


WOW! has encouraged me to walk a life of faith and openness. It reminds me the uniqueness and complete adequacy of being a woman in this world. We are holy enough and beautifully made, just as we are. No conforming necessary. 

victoria chiu


Being a woman in ministry has never been easy but it has always reflected the beautiful design of our Creator; let’s continue to show up in hard spaces.

deborah fung


WOW! has encouraged me in prayer and faithfulness. There are many messages in our society that are white male supremacist that even infiltrate the Western Christian church. WOW provides a great counter message of Christ’s gospel that directly addresses this falsehood. WOW! teaches God’s truth about women, the value of women, and women in leadership.  I enjoy the diversity of women present and our common desire to see Women thrive as we learn about who we are in God’s eyes and step into our identities as daughters of God and co-heirs with Christ.

cathy bruce


I enjoy the engagement with the attendees and the desire they have to grow and learn from scripture. I am encouraged by the female leadership at WOW! and the kingdom call they have for NYC.

favour ikome


Being able to share and interact with women leaders from diverse backgrounds enhanced my ability to celebrate everyones uniqueness and the value it adds to my journey of faith.

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“At times against tacit resistance within the church, the ways WOW! acquiesces to God’s work with joy and sobriety touch me deeply.  What I enjoy most about teaching with WOW! is the communal openness.”

Pastor John L. Ng

Retiree & Amateur Painter/Writer at

Tackling hard topics, researching into less obvious passages, and learning new things are what I enjoy most about teaching with WOW! Partnering with WOW! allows me to grow my understanding of Scripture pertaining to women in leadership.”

Jeffrey Truong

Community Life Pastor, Hope Chelsea/Trinity Grace Westside

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