WE are in different seasons and stages of life

WE are different cultures and generations

WE are from various churches and denominations

WE are each called by God to serve and lead in different ways


WOW! is intentional in its effort to build a legacy for future generations of Christian sisters to dream big and follow God's call in their lives. Toward that end, WOW! aims to create an environment that encourages the following core values:

                               Love - the tie that binds us in Jesus

                               Equity - the creation of equality for each of us

                               Growth - the commitment to nurture one another

                             Anticipation - the confidence that God will provide

                               Community - the belief that we are better together

                             Yearning - the desire to see God's kingdom on earth

Statement of Faith

The Statement of Faith of Women of Wonder, Inc.

          1.  We believe God is the Triune, the perfect example of community.

          2. We believe the Word of God is divinely inspired and fully                             trustworthy.

          3. We believe God created everyone in the divine image with equal                 dignity and value and gave us a variety of gifts to develop and                   serve for the benefit of our home, church and society.

         4. We believe that our disobedience distorted the divine image in us              and fractured our relationship with God, others and the world.

         5. We believe that Jesus Christ, fully divine and fully human, came to              redeem and restore us through his death and resurrection, so that              we could reflect God’s character and goodness and serve as God’s              agents of reconciliation and renewal.

         6. We believe that empowered by God’s Spirit and Truth we can live                and teach God’s priorities of love and justice in this world.

        7. We believe that our unity as brothers and sisters is a powerful                     witness to God’s reign.