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WOW! @ Presbyterian Women's Fall Gathering (October 24, 2016)

PW Gathering  at Rutgers Presbyterian Church in NYC

PW Gathering at Rutgers Presbyterian Church in NYC

From the moment WOW! staff met up, we experienced a bit of spiritual hazing.  At first, UBER  couldn't find us. Then we almost got car sick, trying to go over our notes, discussing how we'd facilitate the workshop, swerving around city streets, and directing the driver because his GPS was useless. Then after we arrived, the church did not have the cable we asked for to connect my laptop to the projector. Praise God that the sexton offered his personal laptop so we could show our presentation.  

Thank God for reinforcements! The WOW! Intercessory Team lifted us up on their knees. NYC WIT Coordinator Caroline Telfer sent us an email after she prayed, declaring "God will use you in a powerful way on Saturday." Joan Fong, a WIT member, a woman of great faith and courage, and a leader in her own right in the Presbyterian Church (USA), prayed that we would "make an impact and empower the women." And our national WIT Coordinators, Ken & Ginger, made a push to send out the most recent WIT report so that a number of you could pray for us during the conference.  

Following Tracey Woods-Dunnom footsteps, I used the curriculum she developed from Rick Warren's work on God's calling entitled S.H.A.P.E. But because of other activities in the program, I had to cut a 2-hour workshop into 45 minutes. Despite the time pressure, God enabled me to work everything in, encourage participation, and weave in the central message that God made each one of us a certain SHAPE so that we could accomplish what God wants us to do, i.e., our ministry.  I felt at ease after the first ten minutes and surely, it was not all my doing. May gave a wonderful illustration from her marriage.  The laughter and the affirmation of the women, whether they were nodding their heads or speaking a praise to God, allowed me to know that God was leading our time together.    

Grace topped off our time with a message to urge all the spiritual mothers in the room (64 in total) to pass on what the Lord had given them, mentoring and pouring into another person’s life. Using her personal experience, she touched many of us as she talked about the way God used her mom and adopted Jewish parents to bless her, not unlike the way God used Moses' mom and his adopted mom to preserve his life.  

It was a new and exciting experience for me attending a Presbyterian Women’s conference, witnessing the installation of new officers and partaking in the worship service. The women were amazing. I praise God for all the good work He continues to do through these hardworking presbyters! As May wrote to one of the sisters seeking to collaborate with WOW! in the future, “May the Lord bless the times we have together planning, praying, and persevering in the good work He has planned in advance to bring forth.” Amen.  

~ Manni Lee, Associate Executive Director of WOW!

Peace Choir of Presbyterian Women, singing a cappella, calling us to bring peace and doing what is right.