Julia Hu

Taste of Silence in Hong Kong

On July 23, 2016, while WOW! gathered for our annual silent retreat in the States, 3 of our Hong Kong sisters went to Cheung Chau Island for a weekend retreat. 

Being Together

God blesses when we gather together for the purpose of drawing close to him. The  blessing tripled when the three of us were together. God took care of every detail, from where to sit in the ferry; to the beautiful, clear night sky filled with stars; to catching the ferry at the last minute.

Delighting in Him

The first thing we did when we got to the island was eat, and the second was shop! In his presence, we really able to relax. One of us found a dress that fitted beautifully; another found a second hand quality guitar at a killer price! “Delight in Him, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps 37:4).

Being Restored

After worshiping corporately, we each found a place for some alone time with God.

Years ago, while still a new believer, I asked God, “Who am I?” After asking, I flipped open the Bible and happened to read Isaiah 41: 8, “You are my servant.” One could call it a coincidence, but I received it in my heart and mind as a calling from God.

At the time, I thought serving God meant serving full time at church. Even though I knew being faithful at work, at home, as a friend and as a citizen was equally important, I still felt unsettled, not pursuing a vocation in the church. Then so many other things happened. I moved, got married, became a mother, changed churches and faced new challenges at work.  Often I found myself inadequate and even anxious. 

So going on this retreat, one of the things I sought from God was a sense of assurance regarding where I am and some light as to where I am going.  Guess what.  The scheduled readings for the day of the retreat happened to be Isaiah 40-43!  Hearing God speak consoled me.

Before, being a servant meant serving God and serving others, now I saw, a servant is, first of all, one who’s forgiven, who’s redeemed, who belongs to God, who’s helped and supported by Him (which melted away my feelings of inadequacy and anxiety), and who witnesses His goodness, righteousness and justice to nations. Before I focused on what I could do for Him, now I realized seeing what God is doing in my life and in this world is even more important.

My new awareness has restored my passion to wait on God and to draw close to God.  Renewed in my sense of calling, Iam learning to identify God’s sanctifying hand at work in me. I want to spend alone time with Him; discovering God’s heart in my daily situations, at home, at work, with friends, in society; and obeying God and praying accordingly.

 Love and thanks to the sisters in WOW! who prayed for our retreat across the ocean, until next year . . . ^_^

Julia Hu was born and raised in China, met Christ in the U.S., now works and resides in Hong Kong with her husband and son.

Julia Hu was born and raised in China, met Christ in the U.S., now works and resides in Hong Kong with her husband and son.