A Mother Is God's Love in Short- Hand

Like many Chinese mothers, my mother demonstrated her love through her actions. For my mom that meant cooking me delicious dishes that were hybrid Chinese and American, accompanying me shopping and waiting for me for hours to wade through clothes, and fill a vase with flowers to greet me after I returned from a trip. But at some point, and I can’t remember when, she started saying in English to me, “I love you.”  Then, the last couple of years we said “I love you” to each other before we went to bed and sometimes a few times during the day. She even squeezed my hand sometimes. She never forgot or hesitated saying, “I love you.”

I miss her blessing me as I leave the house or being able to give her a hug.

But now her presence is with me in a different way. Like when I went away for school and knew she was with me; only now she's the one who's left, and I'm waiting to join her.

It’s like one communion, I took the bread and sipped the wine, and as the wine tingled on my tongue, I suddenly felt Christ’s intimate Presence. God really is with us even though our naked eyes can’t see him. But every time we love, God comes into plain sight, because God is love.

Whether you are close to your mother or feeling distant from her, please, know how much you are loved. God allowed your mother to give birth to you, and you are precious. You look a bit like her, and you bear God’s image. Revel in your beauty.