True Worship

Following the stirring of God's love, Nancy speaks God's truth.

True Worship

By Nancy Gavilanes

I had been looking forward to the evening when we could go on a street outreach. It reminded me of my days doing homeless outreaches in NYC.

The evening finally arrived, and we visited young men who literally lived in a garbage dump. (I am not exaggerating or being disrespectful.) Our team, escorted by locals who ministered to these young guys, walked through piles of garbage to find the little shacks where these young men lived. At first, I was spooked. It was dark out there. I was being super careful about where I stepped and was afraid of what I might see lurking in the shadows.

It wasn’t a very pleasant place to be, but I knew God was there!

The boys came out, and we started talking to them.

A local ministry leader had brought a guitar, so we sang and worshiped God right there under the moonlight in the junkyard.

I love worshiping God outdoors, so that moment was extra special for me. It’s still one of the holiest and most anointed services I’ve ever been to. It obviously wasn’t because of a fancy building; we were surrounded by heaps of trash. The beauty was that we were worshiping God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

Where two or three are gathered in His name, Jesus is truly there (Matthew 18:20).

When our leader asked for volunteers to speak to the group of young men, I thought about how God was calling me to be a leader and to speak to groups of people. I surprised myself by being the second one to speak. I just wanted to let them know God was with them and loved them.



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Nancy Gavilanes is an author, speaker, life coach, evangelist, and entrepreneur who has a passion to encourage people to live their God-given dreams and soar! Her love for God has compelled her to go on short-term missions trips to five countries and on numerous outreaches in New York City. She has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and has written for several publications, including The New York Times. She is the author of By Faith: Adventures and Reflections on Walking with God Here and Abroad, which will be available on Amazon on October 8th. She is also the author of Crossing Your Jordan River: How to Possess and Prosper in Your Promised Land, Waiting on God Well: How to Prevent Breaking Down on Your Way to Your Breakthrough, and Abounding Faith: 30 Bible Heroes Who Will Inspire You to Believe God for the Impossible! She has spoken to Christians at the United Nations, Nyack College, and Times Square Church, her home church. You can learn more about Nancy’s books, events, online store, and social media at