Quest for Equality continues

On January 20, 2018, WOW! participated in the Women’s March in NYC.  Tobi Lee (second from left), a sophomore at PPAS, shares about her experience, marching with our motley crew.

I was really excited to be walking in the Women's March this year! Originally I was supposed to be marching with a group of female high school students from different schools in New York City, a program called the Young Senecas, but I ended up walking with the Women of Wonder group, which was just as amazing, if not even more fun. I soon realized that it didn't matter that I had missed my chance to march with the Young Senecas, the young and alive Spirit of God was hovering over everyone and everywhere, as well as the spirit to fight for the cause of equality -- a cause that every single person in the march agreed on. It's hard to get a few students to work on a group project, let alone 200,000 protestors to march together. I was in awe. I was also sick (just getting over the flu) but inspired by all the women and men who marched together.

A highlight for me was reading the posters. Some were really clever and even made me laugh but in a good humorous way. Some really went into detail about what they were fighting for -- whether it was female voting rights or body rights -- or protesting against the president or social structure. Some of them were concise like "Jesus Didn't Shame Women."  Declaring that truth and taking the risk of putting yourself out there, though, was different from just believing that God is for women and girls. Of course, what you believe is important, but so is doing the action of speaking up and using your voice to tell others that God deeply cares for women and girls.

God is still working very much after the march. He's used the media to let the rest of the world know about the Women's March. We didn't just fight for the women then and there, but for a cause for generations to come. As my mom said, "You are involved in something historical." Through this experience, I am left with thoughts and aspirations to tell my friends about. I have a lot of questions, too. Why have women been so discriminated against since the beginning? What can we do in schools?  Or even starting younger, how can we develop girls to be confident and brave, not just obedient? Now I have some homework to do, researching in the Bible about women and seeking God's love for women in the present day. 

~ Tobi Lee


Tobi Lee is a 10th grader at Professional Performing Arts School She attends New York Christian Mission Church. She loves pizza and cats!