Running For A Sister

As Women's History Month draws to close, let’s continue to celebrate our sisters!

As for myself, I have decided to run at an all women’s half-marathon to join in the advocacy for women. I started the new year marching for women in DC and now, I'm going to run for women. I'm convinced that the work for equalizing a woman's part in any arena of life, work and contribution to community is ongoing. Since we at WOW! aims to see sisters soar in their calling, we invite to join us in our commitment. I am raising $5000 through this run. Will you continue the celebration by supporting me?  

During our Help A Sister Out campaign, you expressed how much you appreciate, love and deeply value the sisters in your life.  You . . . 


      Lent a hand

                  Reached out





a new mother, nursing home residents, hospital patients, the elderly, the hungry, sisters in crisis and a women’s org . . .

Together we created space and time in a way that blessed our sisters to keep going forward, undeterred by circumstances or situations. You gave a sister permission to catch her breath.

You let a sister know that she is loved.

Let the celebration continue!

Let’s take bigger strides to "agitate, educate and advocate" for women!

~ Manni