WOW! Refresh'17: Winter Silent Retreat

Reflections . . .
It’s Sunday, February 5th, morning devotions . . . just a little saddened because it’sthe last day of the retreat . . .as I rise, God is waiting and I am drawn to
Psalm 119:37 (MEV) “Father, turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in YOUR way”
I am encouraged, the revival/renewal does not stop here; it continues wherever I intentionally turn the eyes of my heart toward Him – turning off the chaos, demands, worries around me – deliberately I shut-the-door and focus on . . . Becoming the light that is within me.

Not just in the required moments of service, but fully live in the fullness of His presence which surrounds me in love, joy, peace and rest . . . and I lay my head on His lap . . . I choose to command my day, what I want to hear (direction), how I want to understand (revelation) His character and attributes as I practice the presence of God – especially when He calls me to “come away.”

“Come away.” I know He will provide the way, I just have to obey.  In obedience, there is sweet reward – not tangible, but intangible: renewal of spirit, transformation of mind, and rest for my body.

This moment of surrender reminds me who He is to me: as Savior, Lord who reigns in/over my circumstances, and friend/confidant for those most shameful areas where I’ve been selfish and come up short too often.  Nothing about me surprises Him, so I can enter into a judgment free zone.
Should there be a greater overflow to change the lives or lead hearts of those I will engage on my return home, let it be so.  I am going back better.  I’ve decided to divorce myself from the opinions of others and grab hold to what God says about me . . .

I am made new again!  I am His, He is mine
I am free, no more chains of life and demands holding me
I am loved without condition
I am exalted in Him to a higher position, so I soar above my circumstances and challenges that come, my strengthen is drawn from Him
I take my rightful place under His wings where I am covered from weapons formed against me – free to be who I am made to be
I am, because He is, I am free to be the light within me!
Anne Lyerly
Bethlehem, PA
February 3-5, 2017

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Anne J. Lyerly, M.Div., is the Associate Minister of Bible Way Church in New Rochelle, NY.
She strives to help women become the best they can be and discover their calling as they connect with God, love themselves, and love others.
Her hobbies include writing, painting, bass guitar, traveling, and spending time with family.