Made for One Another


From the removal of Confederate heroes to Mayor DiBlasio’s not being invited to the Columbus Day parade, statues have been making headlines. Currently there is movement afoot to erect statues of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in Central Park, because not one female statute of a real woman exists among the 23 statues of men.  

In the Ancient Near East, kings placed their image, via statues, in different parts of their realm to mark off their territory.  But God had a much more ingenious and enduring way of leaving his image on the earth. He created man and woman, in the image of God he created them (Gen 1:27).  Notice it’s not either/or, but both/and.  God made us in his image, because God is communal at heart.  In turn, as God's image bearers, men and women, are to reflect God’s heart by the way we relate to one another and engage the world.  

God made us for one another.  To be partners.  To be team players.  To demonstrate a way of living that reflects our Triune God, who acts and exists inperfect community.

Seeing women lead and advance God’s reign blesses both men and women.  That is why this autumn we are proud to present gifted brothers teaching on women leaders in the Bible.  That is why all our ministries are open to both men and women.  To emphasize our togetherness. For we are incomplete without the other.

~ Grace