Krystin Bruan


Krystin is a daughter of three cultures, but remains a Jersey girl. Born to Filipino parents, she grew up in a multilingual home where she learned the value of looking at communication through the lens of compassion. She has worked with startups, local churches, and nonprofits in Madrid, Shanghai, and New York. Her experience with faith-based nonprofits has taught her strategies to develop collaborative partnerships with varied organizations for the common social good.

She desires to see people thrive and experience the freedom of their God-given gifts. Krystin aims to raise the collective volume of marginalized voices through cultivating compelling narratives. She believes that through healthy collaboration and creative initiatives communities can thrive and inspire hope.

She loves working with creatives, college students, and young professionals to uncover biblical truth and develop healthy spirituality. Krystin is currently working with college students at her alma mater, NYU, and pursuing her graduate degree in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University. 

Jeff Truong

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Jeff has been a minister at Every Nation Church NYC since 2016. He is currently the Director of Connect Groups and Director of People Engagement. He loves building hubs of community and developing spiritual growth, but his heart is about intentional relationships and investing in other people’s stories of God.

Jeff is married to his lovely wife of seven years, Erika Lee, who is a native New Yorker. Although Jeff doesn't consider himself a city person, he's taken a liking to walking rather than driving in hopes to get more exercise. Jeff loves to eat good food, hence why he needs to walk more. He also enjoys working on puzzles, playing board games, and just hanging out with folks.

Caroline Telfer


Caroline has worked for over 20 years in housing at NYS Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) as a Program Assistant. She has a two year degree from NYC College of Technology.   Caroline serves as an altar counselor at Love Gospel Assembly in the Bronx, NY. At her former church, Caroline served as an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. 

Her interests include, actively working with people from different backgrounds towards common goals at work, church and in her community. Caroline frequently attends local community meetings, rallies and hearings. She recently became a WOW! board member and serves as chaplain.

Caroline is a loving mother and grandmother. In her spare time, she may be found at an exercise class, testing new recipes, reading or traveling to visit family and friends. Caroline is not shy about initiating a conversation with strangers about her Christian faith.

Amy Fortunato

Amy is a 30-year resident of Smithtown. She is a compassionate community leader and is running for Town Council. She has developed a working relationship with various boards, associations and residents within the Smithtown community. Her desire is to listen to the needs of the residents, help bring fiscal responsibility, keep tax under control and focus on water quality and traffic safety.

She and her husband Joe have 3 adult children. She graciously showers her 2 granddaughters with love which is her favorite pass time. She is a pastor and holds an MA from NY Theological Seminary and a BA in Marketing. She spends down time at the beach, gardening, traveling, watching Broadway shows and movies.  

Angie Li

Angie is currently a MSW student at Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work. Outside school, Angie directs a peer tutoring program, connecting American born Chinese with recent Chinese immigrants to learn from each other and build relationships. Before she found her calling to the social work field, Angie was a secret shopper, Chinese interpreter, English tutor, and financial research analyst. She enjoys traveling and dog watching.

Wayne Vaughan

Wayne Vaughan is a lifetime resident of Brooklyn, NY. He is married to Cassandra D. Vaughan. He has served churches in various roles including Sunday School teacher, Sunday School superintendent, youth advisor, Men’s Ministry President, Christian Education Coordinator, Evangelism outreach ministry member and as the church Chief Financial Officer. He is the author of two books, The Student Success Plan: Living and Growing Your Faith Through the College Years and Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members.

Wayne has a BBA in Statistics from Baruch College and an MBA from Columbia University. His experience includes corporate, nonprofit and government positions. He currently works for the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services as a Training and Reporting Manager and helps city agencies to achieve the training needs of their staff. Wayne also teaches a class he developed called Personal Financial Management.