Summer Silence Reflection


The robins chirp…

Did you ever see a robin weep when leaves began to fall? He had starts each day with a happy chirp as he leaps and bobs across the green meadow floor. His chirp blends in with the diversity of birds, as they sang their sweet song from the branches of trees and in the air above. He is a proud robin with a red vest bobbing across the green meadow land he adores, that is an abundant place for all his needs and nourishment. As a bonus, there is also a creek with cool clear water to quench his thirst. Now there was a chill in the air as leaves began to fall. Soon the meadow would not be this green and the creek would be frozen in ice. There would be no place to quench his thirst as before nor will there be more abundance of food in this land he adored. The robin did not know what the Lord has in store.

In spiritual direction I talked about how the body I was given was breaking down as I walk further into old age. I need more sleep and more physical strength. My ability to balance and mobility are vanishing. Yet as my body ages my soul and heart have gotten younger once more. All of this started happening as I turned to the Lord. My soul was being refreshed and renewed. As a young child who is seeing new things for the first time. His soul is filled with joyous excitement, new adventures to explore. In this old age, I have dreams to dream, new adventures to explore.

If the robin knew what the Lord has in store, he would have visions of leaping across an even greener meadow floor with a creek with even clearer, cleaner water to keep his thirst quenched. The meadow will have an abundance of his needs, given through grace by a loving Lord. Now as he bobs across the Lord’s green meadow floor, he can chirp a song of love and praises for the Lord he adores. ~ Ted Huck