Oct. 9 RUTH by Bruce Feffer @ NJ

Sept. 18 LEAH & RACHEL by Rev. Jasmine Flores @ NYC

July 20-22       Summer Refresh Silent Retreat: Come and Rest

June 12            Paul's Pivot: Women Ministers                                                                     An Astounding Line Up in Romans 16                                                          Rev. Dr. Grace May (Executive Director of WOW! and                                  Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at William Carey                               International University)

May 8              Who is She Leading? Discovering the Elect Lady in John 2                           Dr. Craig Fee (Adjunct Professor at NYACK College)

April 19,21        Asian American and Multicultural Leadership                                               Dr. Sheryl Takagi Silzer hosted by WOW!, PALM & ISSAC at                         Keller Williams Tribecca

March 13          Mary Magdalene             Min. Anna Lee Winans

February 13      Mary(Anointed Jesus)      Min. Deborah Fung

January 9         Eve                                Rev. Jasmine flores


December 12    Mary (Mother of Jesus)    Dr. Rev. John Ng

November 14    Esther                            Min. Ang Tong

October 10      Hannah                           Dr. Milton NG

September 12   Deborah                         Rev. Greg Jao

July 21-23        Summer ReFresh: Silent Retreat. 

June 23-24      INTEGRATING HEAD, HEART and HANDS: Knowing our                                Work Matters to God by Dr. Jewel Hyun, hosted at Grace                            Faith 

April 25, May 2, 9 & 16

                      SEMINAR SERIES - Women Leaders of the Old Testament

March 2017     SHAPE Workshop on Gifts & Calling led by Tracey Woods-                          Dunnom and Manni Lee, hosted by Presbyterian Women at                            St. Alban's Presbyterian Church in Queens

Feb 3-5, 2017  Winter Refresh Silent Retreat

Jan 28,2017     Presbyterian Women's Annual 22nd Prayer & Breakfast                                Rev. Grace May will be the guest speaker. Located at the                           Presbyterian Church of St. Albans, 190-14, 119th Avenue,                            St. Albans, NY 10412 (718)528-2495

2016 Events

Oct 22            Presbyterian Women Fall Gathering

Oct 4,11,18,25 Paul & Women Leadership Seminar Series, 

July 22-24       Refresh Silent Retreat

July 1-4           S.H.A.P.E Your Calling

June 6            Jesus, the Samaritan Woman & Mary Magdalene

May 28           Spiritual Gifts Stuff We Don't Talk About in Church

May 19           Silence and Solitude