Krystin Bruan

Krystin is a daughter of three cultures, but remains a Jersey girl. Born to Filipino parents, she grew up in a multilingual home where she learned the value of looking at communication through the lens of compassion. She has worked with startups, local churches, and nonprofits in Madrid, Shanghai, and New York. Her experience with faith-based nonprofits has taught her strategies to develop collaborative partnerships with varied organizations for the common social good.

She desires to see people thrive and experience the freedom of their God-given gifts. Krystin aims to raise the collective volume of marginalized voices through cultivating compelling narratives. She believes that through healthy collaboration and creative initiatives communities can thrive and inspire hope.

She loves working with creatives, college students, and young professionals to uncover biblical truth and develop healthy spirituality. Krystin is currently working with college students at her alma mater, NYU, and pursuing her graduate degree in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University.