Meet Julia,Son Adam, Mom

The discernment sessions were great! It was such a privilege and honor to have mature sisters as part of my discernment group. They were experienced counselors, who were sensitive to the Holy Spirit; they were also individuals who know me and love me and were willing to come together to hear my story and discern God's guidance and work in my life. I wish we believers could all do that for each other continuously! 

My discernment group helped me to discover that I had more strengths and gifting than I thought. I was able to identify internal issues of rejection and learned how to start tackling them. My mission statement, “LOVE GOD, LOVE CHINA,” was affirmed. I learned that my ministry was more of a personal ministry than working with large groups of people. I have come to the point now where I can embrace more of who I am and develop into the person God wants me to be.

This is a wonderful ministry and I am so grateful to God and my discerners!